How do I stop my 18 month old from hitting me?

Why does my 18 month old slap me?

Frequently, as you have discovered, one year olds can display behaviours such as slapping, hitting and even biting and these are perfectly normal at this age. While these can sometimes be due to frustration, often they are driven by sensory exploration.

How do you punish a toddler for hitting?

Solutions for Toddler Hitting

Here’s a general guideline: Get down on his level, look him in the eye, and say in a calm, stern voice, “No hitting. Hitting hurts.” Over-explaining is lost on little ones and may backfire. The more you engage your child in discussion, the more attention she gets from being aggressive.

How do I teach my baby not to hit?

How it works: Simple! Take away an object or a privilege. For example, if your toddler hits a friend with a toy bat, take away the bat and end the play date. Say, “No hitting.

Is hitting a child disciplined?

Research findings. Physical punishment can work momentarily to stop problematic behavior because children are afraid of being hit, but it doesn’t work in the long term and can make children more aggressive, Graham-Bermann says. … Their children, in turn, often believed spanking was an appropriate disciplinary method.

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How do you discipline a toddler who laughs?

If your child laughs, sticks out his tongue or covers his ears, ignore it. Telling him to stop or asking him why he is doing this only reinforces these responses. Plus, kids don’t know why they are reacting in this way. If your child is turning away, don’t try to force him to make eye contact.

How do I discipline my 19 month old?

How to Discipline a Toddler

  1. Expect rough spots. …
  2. Pick your battles. …
  3. Implement preventive measures. …
  4. Make your statements short and sweet. …
  5. Stay consistent. …
  6. Distract and redirect. …
  7. Introduce consequences. …
  8. Don’t back down to avoid conflict.

Why do toddlers hit me?

Toddlers are short on both language and social skills, and when they play together they can easily become frustrated. When they lack the ability to express what’s wrong in words, hitting and other types of aggression sometimes result. It is developmentally normal for toddlers to hit.

How do you discipline a toddler without hitting and yelling?

How to Discipline Without Yelling or Hitting

  1. Give your child hugs, cuddles or a gentle pat on the back, and give praise when praise is due.
  2. If your child is angry or sad, try to understand why.
  3. Teach your child good behavior by setting a good example and behaving properly and appropriately yourself.

Why is my toddler so angry and aggressive?

Aggression in toddlers can be a sign of unmet needs, fear, frustration or worry. … Aggressive behaviors and outbursts also mean that your child needs help learning some self-regulation skills ( ways to calm down instead of meltdown) so they can cope better with difficult feelings as they grow.

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Why does my toddler hit me not daddy?

It is simply a sign that you have created a safe space for your child, where he feels comfortable and can express his natural emotions or needs. This is a great lesson as your little one grows up, for every child must learn how to express his feelings without fear or inhibition.