Why is my baby finger swollen?

How can I help my baby’s swollen finger?

An ice pack or a soaking in cold water may relieve the pain and minimize swelling. If the swelling is mild and your child is comfortable, you can allow the finger to heal on its own.

Why is my baby’s finger red and swollen?

If your child has a bacterial or viral infection, the skin around your child’s finger or toe will be inflamed. On children with darker skin, the inflammation might look brown, purple or grey. On children with lighter skin, the inflammation might look red. The skin might also be swollen, hot, tender and painful.

How do you get rid of a swollen finger?

How to Get Rid of Swollen Fingers

  1. Keep your hand/arm elevated. If you keep your hand down, gravity is keeping the extra fluid in your hand. …
  2. Apply ice to the affected area.
  3. Wear a splint or compressive wrap. Do not apply too tightly. …
  4. Take anti inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen.

How do you treat an infected baby finger?

Soak it in warm water. You can also put a warm wet cloth on the wound. Do this for 10 minutes 3 times per day.

Antibiotic Ointment:

  1. Use an antibiotic ointment (such as Polysporin).
  2. No prescription is needed.
  3. Put it on the wound 3 times a day.
  4. If the area could become dirty, cover with a bandage (such as Band-Aid).
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Can infected finger heal on its own?

Treating a Finger Infection at Home

Because finger infections have the potential to become severe, home care is limited. A very minor paronychia may be managed at home if you have no other complicating medical illness, such as diabetes. All of the other infections require urgent evaluation and treatment by a doctor.

How long does a swollen finger last?

Swelling may occur and last for a few weeks. The swelling should go down after a few weeks, but the swelling may persist depending on the severity of the injury. You may even notice decreased pain and increased mobility even though your finger is still swollen.