What company makes Baby Magic?

Is Baby Magic toxic?

Baby Magic “Soft Baby Scent” Lotion contained the highest levels of formaldehyde found in the testing. Two samples of the lotion contained 570 and 610 parts per million (ppm) of the chemical. The report noted that a formaldehyde level above 500 ppm would require a warning label in Europe.

Is Baby Magic still made?

Trusted by parents for 70 years, Baby Magic® is a true legacy brand. Made in the USA, we are a family-owned and operated business that believes that all families deserve quality products at an affordable price.

Are J&J baby products safe?

You shouldn’t use Johnson and Johnson baby products as they contain talc, which often contains asbestos, a known carcinogen.

Is Baby Magic hypoallergenic?

Amazon.com: Baby Magic Cologne | 7oz (Pack of 12) | Hypoallergenic & Alcohol-Free | Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates and Dyes : Baby.

Is Mustela tested on animals?

No, we do not test our products on animals. … As a French based company, Mustela complies with the European regulation 1223/2009 that bans animal testing since 2004 for final products and completely since 2013 for ingredients.

Is Johnson baby shampoo vegan?

V: They do not list any of their products as vegan. … V: Yes, all their products are vegan. JOHNSON’S BABY. CF: The website states ‘We do NOT conduct animal testing on any of our cosmetic products except in the rare situation where governments or laws require it.

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Why was Baby Magic lotion discontinued?

In 2002, Playtex relaunched the Baby Magic Brand with a new bottle and new logo. The resulting degradation in sales caused the new packaging to be scrapped although the new logo remained. In 2007, Ascendia Brands acquired the declining Baby Magic Brand from Playtex to add to its portfolio of brands.

Does Johnson and Johnson creamy baby oil repel mosquitoes?

Though creamy baby oil is not advertised as a mosquito repellent by Johnson & Johnson, many people say that it effectively keeps mosquitoes away. This non-greasy cream is fast absorbing. … Two women say that Johnson and Johnson creamy baby oil is particularly effective for keeping mosquitoes away.