Can I switch from spoon feeding to baby led weaning?

Is baby-led weaning better than spoon-feeding?

Some parents worry that baby-led weaning is more likely to cause their baby to choke than spoon-feeding. But there is no evidence for this. Baby-led weaning can be messier than spoon-feeding. Whether you’re spoon-feeding or baby-led weaning, you’re bound to have some mess at this age.

Can I go from puree to baby-led weaning?

No matter if you are feeding them finger foods or purees. You can feed purees and still let your baby lead the way!

Is it OK not to do baby-led weaning?

Baby Led Weaning is Not Safe for All Babies

Here are some scenarios where baby led weaning may not be the safest or best approach: Babies younger than 6 months. Unresolved tongue or lip tie: babies need to be able to easily move food around in their mouth with their tongue.

Should I do baby-led weaning or purees?

A combined approach that includes both finger foods for self-feeding and the spoon-feeding of purees is fine when babies are fed responsively, and there is no evidence that a combined approach is detrimental. A misconception about BLW is that purees should be avoided.

Can I start baby-led weaning at 10 months?

By around 9-10 months of age your baby should be eating a variety of textures and consistencies. … It is recommended to wait until at least six months to try BLW as babies are more developmentally capable of reaching for food and putting it in their mouth at this age.

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Can you led wean at 5 months?

So is it safe to start baby led weaning at 4 months or 5 months? This is not recommended. Expert Adele Stevenson, explains, “It’s very unlikely that a baby will reach these milestones and be ready for baby-led weaning, much before six months.