"Our son Evan started at MMI when he was 2-years-old. Every morning, it is a pleasure to see how happy he is to go to school. The friendly MMI team has fostered his sense of autonomy and curiosity. He comes back home proud to share his new skills and knowledge with us. I believe the Montessori principles have greatly contributed to his personal development."

Vanessa (Evan’s Mom)

"We didn’t realize the full potential of what our 20 month old daughter was capable of until she started the Montessori Method at MMI. Now that she is three years old, she’s easily the most outgoing, independent, and social in group settings than a lot of 5 year-olds who have not benefitted from the same experience.  As parents we initially underestimated the value of quality education at this young age and now we’re big supporters."

Sandy (August Mom)

"We would like to thank Ms. Lily, Mrs. Cheralle, Mrs. Mylene and the all the other staffs  for your endurance and professionalism with both of our kids.   We're happy that both of our kids enjoys the time they spends at school, and we can see their improvements day by day especially in Parin's speech."

Bawa (Parin and Akin’s Mom)

"We love MMI. My daughter loves her teachers, classmates and activities. MMI looks at the whole child.  She has grown cognitively, socially and physically-- she even learned to swim free style from the PE teacher! I am very happy that we found MMI and have experienced such wonderful teachers and families.  Emma is definitely ready for Primary school in reading, writing, maths and language. Thank you MMI!!!"

Elaine (Emma’s Mom)

"MMI Thailand being a small school. A fantastic environment for small children to develop. Small class size. It is a school with a varied mixed culture so the experience for my children is wide and varied. Looking at the care and dedication of the teachers to the students is very good. Mostly all teachers know students by name around the campus. All teachers are dedicated and well qualified. Parents are allowed to attend school events such as celebrating international day, Halloween day, sports days and many more during the year, which gives the parents the opportunity to meet each other and the teachers. Quaint architecture extra-curricular activities available after school." Last but not least Thanks to MMI Thailand team."

Preeti (Ishita Mom)