Montessori Summer Camp (3rd to 28th July 2017)

“I ‘m a Scientist”
1st – 5th July
8th – 12th July

Science is one of the key subject that everyone should know the basics of it in their life. Everyday we deal with science and technology. Every object that we use has hidden scientific reasons behind it. As known, children are always curious about the world around them, so teaching them science is a perfect opportunity to develop their enthusiasm for discovery and learning.

The MMI “I’m a Scientist” programme is designed to explain the basic science in a simple and understandable way to the child.












“Happy Holidays!”
15th – 19th July
22nd – 29th July

Holidays memories will take us to different destinations: a visit to the beach, a day at an amusement park, a camping trip or unusual animal safari. These are all exciting events for everyone and places we can all go in our imagination!

The MMI “Happy Holidays” summer programme creates an atmosphere of enjoyment and adventure, as the back drop for a solid learning and fun experience about holidays. Join our programme to find out more!


Monday-Friday, 8.15 am - 2.00 pm


18 months -6 years old


1 week - 8,500 Baht
2 weeks - 15,000 Baht
3 weeks - 22,500 Baht
4 weeks - 30,000 Baht

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