Our Programmes


Modern Montessori International programme covers Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial Training, Montessori Language, and Montessori Mathematics and Cultural subjects. Programmes like Field Trips, Passport to the World, Creative Art and Craft, Music and Movement, Cooking, Water play and Physical Education are added on to provide a wholesome education, enriching our children mentally, physically and emotionally.


Nursery (18m - 3yrs)
Half day: 8:30am – 12:30pm
Full day: 8:30am – 2:30pm

Kindergarten (3 - 6yrs)
Full day: 8.30am – 2:30pm

The day is divided between Montessori time (working specifically with the Montessori material) which covers Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and

Culture, Outdoor play, morning snack and lunch, nap (for Nursery and Pre K), music experience, art & craft and swimming, water play, indoor gym, thematic teaching and passport to the world. 

Extra Curricular Activities (2:30 – 3:30pm)

MMI provides a variety of Extra Curricular Activities including:

  • Swimming
  • Art
  • Piano
  • Gymnastics
  • Drama
  • ESL
  • Thai language
  • Kids yoga
  • Musical theatre
  • Taekwondo
  • Ballet
  • ECA information and sign-up sheets are sent out at the beginning of the term.

    We offer school bus transport - please enquire at the school office regarding the areas we offer service for.


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    Arrivals & Departures

    The school starts at 8:30am. Parents are requested to drop their child on time. If arriving late, please bring your child to the front office and one of the office staff will take them to their respective classes.

    Pick up time is at 2:30pm. If delayed picking up your child, please telephone the school’s office at the earliest.


  • All MMI students wear school uniform
  • Please wear proper footwear for movement and play
  • Students will need a school bag to store communication book, school work and other items brought to school
  • School uniform, bag and cap can be purchased from the school office
  • Valuable jewelry are not encouraged

  • Things to bring

  • a small school bag
  • a water bottle
  • an extra school uniform
  • a plastic bag
  • a pair of slippers (which will be kept in school)
  • a hand towel
  • a toothbrush, toothpaste and a mug
  • a swim suit and a large towel for swimming (refer to class time-table)
  • 4 diapers (Nursery Class)
  • Bedding (Nursery Class – full day students)

  • Labels

    Please label all items with your child’s name to avoid mix-ups.


    Students are permitted to celebrate their birthday at school, with only a birthday cake. Please inform your child’s class teacher prior to the day.