why MMI?

Higher Chance of Success, Shorter Learning Curve, Established Trademark/Service Mark, Joint Advertising and...
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2Franchise terms

Franchise Agreement, Tenure or Period of Contract, Compliance with Contract, Initial Fee, Royalty/Management...
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The flow chart of Franchising in Modern Montessori International

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Initial training will be provided for key teaching and administrative personnel nominated by the franchisee to...
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Franchising Overview

The MMI Group is the first in Singapore to offer Montessori business opportunities through franchising. In recognition of our strong and well proven franchising efforts, the MMI Group has been awarded the Singapore Franchise Mark by then TDB , PSB and SIFA (2001).

MMI's franchisees are offered the following advantages: higher chance of success, shorter learning curve, established trademark, joint advertising and promotion, transfer of management expertise, training and good support services. The unique advantages of joining MMI franchise are as follow:

•  A unique corporate identity
•  Balance and well-integrated curriculum 
•  Professional teacher training
•  Continuing research and development
•  Operational guidance 
•  Academic and technical support 

The MMI Group offers a full business format and professional expertise to assist regional and international business partners to venture confidently into the challenging and fast expanding market of Montessori education. 

MMI Group has currently several franchisees located across Singapore offering Montessori-based childcare kindergarten and enrichment services. MMI Group is also expanding the franchising programme overseas and is confident of providing our franchisees with a good headstart and an excellent chance of success.